(4) Unique Catfish Baits

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(4) Unique Catfish Baits That Could Have You Catching Your Biggest CATFISH Ever!

The catfish family is the largest family of freshwater fish known and are virtually found  in almost every lake, river, stream and pond in America. The most common catfish are the channel catfish, flat head catfish, blue catfish and several species of bullheads. Some are stocked and others reproduce naturally.

Voracious eaters, catfish are regarded by many as an easy catch although most find that to catch the big ones requires time, skill and innovation. The big fish do not get that way by being stupid.

Most catfish fisherman use baits like cut baits, chicken livers, night crawlers, shrimp, stink baits and all kinds of home made concoctions. Although these baits are the most commonly used by most catfish hunters, they are generally the most costly, as well.

As the stories of fishermen and their folklore get passed down from generation to generation, the following are some of the most unique catfish baits known to fisherman around the world. You may have already heard of one or two of the following , but these more rare and least costly types of baits may leave you scratching your head!

  • SOAP….. Many catfish fishermen have reported that using Ivory soap is the best! Many other brands of bar soap have strong scents that tend to be less effective because they contain a lot more additives. If you are looking for a cheap and unique bait give ivory soap a try.
  • FRUIT….. Believe it or not, many fruits make a great bait for catfish. The types of fruits can range from apples to bananas to more exotic types of fruits. Persimmons have been suggested as one of the best, though the ripe season for these and accessibility is regionally focused. Hint: Try using a fruit that stays on a hook the best.
  • HOT DOGS…..  make a unique, interesting and highly effective bait for catfish. The chunks of meat are easy to put on a hook and will stay when casting. What attracts catfish to hot dogs is unknown but they seem to be highly effective. Avoid using all beef hot dogs, mainly because they do stay on a hook as well as pork and chicken dogs. They also cost a lot more. Recently I bought an eight pack of chicken/pork hotdogs for $.89 at Walmart. At that rate, just eat what you don’t use for fishing!
  • BUBBLE GUM….. is another unusual, yet popular, choice of baits. The sweet taste of bubble gum is said to attract catfish! Unfortunately, this is one of the more difficult baits to use. Seasoned fishermen know that you can’t simply put a piece of Bazooka gum on the end of a hook without chewing it first. A few minutes of chewing the gum makes it sticky and easier to wrap around a hook.

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