Lake Michigan Smallmouth

Haven’t done much smallmouth fishing on the big pond! At any rate here is a link you can use to know exactly where to fish for the hardy devils!

Some Lake Michigan anglers still do not know the difference between a Smallmouth Bass and a Largemouth Bass:

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With so many fish and chances at really big fish, what more can an angler ask for? How about a few accolades for one of the big pond’s most under-utilized fishing opportunities, a phenomenal fishery that is finally getting the notoriety it deserves. How about a drum roll for the smallmouth bass population?

Indiana boasts over 40 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline and along this shore is some great bass fishing. With numbers of fish along with trophy fish potential, this region is special and, ironically, often overlooked. But affection for this hard-fighting sport fish is beginning to blossom. For Smallmouth Bass fisherman on the shorelines of Indiana, the good old days are right now.

When the weather breaks and you can again get on the lake fishing for smallmouth bass, here is a good reco on what they hit. As always, experimentation is the best bet. As always, location is the primary concern with Smallmouth Bass.

Hula Grubs will work. Brown, pumpkin, green/pumpkin. If water is stained, don’t be afraid of trying chartreuse or orange mixed in with those first colors mentioned. I like tube baits in the same colors as another good choice.

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