There are millions fishing each season in the United States. With this vast number of fisherman, there must be an awareness of how important conservation is!
Here is a Sportsman Creed I found in an old book…..I guess some things never change!

A sportsman will kill few fish, a much smaller number than the law allows; and liberate uninjured all smaller ones. This isn’t just a matter of consideration of others…..the little fish you toss back this season is the big one you will catch next season.
A sportsman will not, for the purpose of staying below his legal limit of catch, release a fish so hooked that a fatal injury has been caused.
A sportsman will not intentionally use tackle, if any, opportunity to escape if the angler plays his part un-skilfully; he will use the lightest tackle that he considers advisable considering the size fish he is likely to hook, where he is fishing, and his experience in playing fish.
A sportsman will not go fishing for food alone.
A sportsman will not interfere with another sportman’s fishing: nor will he hog a pool.

A sportsman so conducts himself toward the property of another that the owner will welcome…..not forbid- future fisherman. In short, a sportsman will follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Thanks for Looking….. Good Luck!