I was looking at a forum, when I ran across this small article about BLUE GILL fishing!
I don’t like copy and paste, but I saw this report, and just  had to pass this on…..
Here it is, word for word:
It’s really good to hear a story about releasing those bull ‘gills. It is the future of having a shot at a 10″ ‘gill or more lakes filled w stunted ‘gills.
I’ve got a buddy who used to captain a charter on LM that now fishes almost exclusively for “gills. He doesn’t start until after the spawn and they go deep. We slow troll w the electric a 1oz weight off a three way back 6′ to a long shank #8. Big red worms threaded dead straight mostly or waxy when it’s working better.
He’ll call out 10/12 pulls or how ever many from what the graph shows and we adjust from there. I’ve never seen a guy or a technique so effective. We hit little 50 to 100 acre lakes in SW Michigan near South Haven and fill bags of fillets and put on big fish fries of 7-8″ ‘gills at our camp.
Sure seems this GILL GUY knows how, when and where to limit out on the tasty devils…..
I like using a fly rod with a spinning reel, with 4-6 LB test mono, when I have time to fish for them.
Thanks for looking….Good Luck!