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There are millions fishing each season in the United States. With this vast number of fisherman, there must be an awareness of how important conservation is! Here is a Sportsman Creed I found in an old book…..I guess some things never change! A sportsman will kill few fish, a much smaller number than the law…

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Nothern Pike & Musky Will Bite Anything!

Depending on the time of year and naturally weather conditions, musky and it’s cousin Northern pike will bite  most anything thrown at them…..They have been known to bite hotdogs, potatoes, lunch meat, corn, every kind of bug, minnows, worms, moving sticks, live animals (rats,mice,ducks,birds etc’) actually anything that swims in water or even thrown in…

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Fishing has become the World’s formost form of family entertainment!  It’s not only fantastic fun, but it can be a terrific way to supliment your diet with fresh fish. I have been fishing the Great Lakes in America, ever since they were stocked with salmon & trout back in 1965, and over the years i’ve…

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Is Corn legal to use as bait?

    Trout love corn! Most states allow it, but most states do not allow chumming with it. Back in the day, there was a pond that was stocked with rainbow trout, anywhere from a pound to six pounds. Using a bobber was the way to catch the fisty criters…..Using another spinning rod, I cought…

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FROM THE WEST VIRGINIA DNR WOW!  This is a cut & paste article I just had to post! It’s not the World record caught back in 1954* but it sure is a whopper! A West Virginia angler caught a state record freshwater drum on April 24 in Mason County. John Gibson of Poca, WV, caught…

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Catching Giant Bluegills With Lures

Lures are a lot more interesting to use against these guys, and they give you a little more control over your fishing experience. After all, lures don’t die, and they don’t swim around on their own. Before I start telling you how to use these, I’m going to list my favorite lures for this type of…

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