Fishing With The Kids

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A WORD TO THE WISE! Things I learned when I took my Grand Kids fishing;

  • It’s best not to get up to early or stay to late. It’s better to end the day with the kids wanting to continue, rather than having them go home too tired.
  • Make sure you pick a fishing spot that holds plenty of fish. Kids gets bored fast if there is little or no action. If they have a bad experience at first, it may dampen the idea of going fishing again.
  • Pick a spot with plenty of casting room and away from the crowds, especially when fishing from shore or a bank. Avoid areas that have too many hang-ups on the bottom and watch out for over hanging tree limbs. There is nothing worse then spending half the day getting out snags.
  • Remember not to over coach. The kids will do better if you let them make some mistakes before pointing out how they can be corrected.
  • Be sure to bring a way to take a picture  (camera or a cell phone) & always stress CPR (catch-picture-release) Keep their catch alive and give the kids time to brag about and show off their catch before releasing the fish.
  • It’s common sense not to let the kids use your most expensive lures and tackle.
  • When using live bait, like worms, don’t push the idea of baiting their own hooks. Many kids get a little scared. Eventually they will come around on their own.
  • Bring enough snacks with you and make a picnic & be sure that you take enough breaks if fishing is slow.

The whole reason for taking the kids fishing is too enjoy the whole experience. Make things fun and don’t take things too seriously.

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