Great Lakes Jumbo Perch

Lake Michigan has a heavy population of ever popular yellow jumbo perch.

I fished off the Montrose harbor break wall when I was 16 years old, with trot lines. A fishing pal and I never failed to fill our buckets.

One time when trolling for salmon off the 95th street boat launch in Chicago, I noticed a one hundred foot cloud (school) of perch on my locator.

Curious, I dropped a line with a bare hook just to see what would happen. Bingo! The three of us in my boat limited out with jumbo perch in about 15 minutes, all using bare hooks.

Get some red worms or small minnows and give it a try…..go to a break waters and drop a line near the wall. The worst thing that can happen, is you’ll end up catching a good sized smallmouth or even a nice salmon or trout.

Did just that and caught a 12 LB brown trout. As always, the trick is to find them…..