Improve your musky fishing luck (5 Tips)

Improve How You Fish for Muskie

Muskies are the largest pike fish that a person can catch and these fish can be found in freshwater lakes and rivers.  While they are mainly in the Northern United States and parts of Canada, some have been caught down in the South too.  Muskies can be difficult to catch if a person does not know what they are doing, however, even experts can end their day without a catch simply because there are not too many muskies in the water.

5 tips that will help you catch a muskie:

  1. Focus on the water

Muskies are different than other fish, because they will follow something that they want.  For this reason, people should try scanning the water looking for muskies and cast accordingly.

  1. Use the correct size lure and bait

During the spring, muskies are looking for smaller prey to eat, but later in the fall months, they want their prey to be much bigger.  A person will be much more successful if they adjust their lures and bait according to the season.

  1. Proper bait

Muskies love frogs and minnows, so anyone who wants to catch a muskie should try to use large minnows or bull frogs as bait.  They will go after these two items a lot faster than a worm or plastic bait.

  1. Troll faster

Not every fish goes at the same speed and muskies move faster than some other fish species.  It is recommended that a person uses a speed of four or five miles per hour when they are trolling for muskies.  It is possible to go a little faster, but only the largest muskies will take the bait at the higher speeds.

  1. Spot the hidden cover

Muskies love to hide and then come out and strike their prey as it is passing by.  It is recommended that people who are trying to catch a muskie use a lure that can get as close to a covered area or even in a covered area.  These lures will attract a muskie quickly and they will attack and get hooked.

There may not be as many muskies in the water compared to walleye or bass, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be caught easily enough.  By using the proper bait and lures and fishing where the muskies may be hiding and waiting for prey, many people should be able to catch at least one muskie when they are out on the water.