Is Corn legal to use as bait?

Trout love corn!

Most states allow it, but most states do not allow chumming with it.

Back in the day, there was a pond that was stocked with rainbow trout, anywhere from a pound to six pounds.

Using a bobber was the way to catch the fisty criters…..Using another spinning rod, I cought many on small spinners using 4 lb test line with no leader, while waiting for the bobber to go down.   The trout would not strike if any sort of leader or snap swivel was used. Only a direct tie worked, and worked well.

Try to remember, all trout are leader sensitive, so do not use one!

The picture shows canned corn, but use frozen corn instead.  Also, use just one corn, not several on your hook.

Use a small treble hook to hold the corn on, anything else won’t work.

Give it a try…..  Thanks for looking, Good Luck!

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