Kenosha Harbor Wisconsin

The trout bite at Lake Michigan was up and down last week as it became tricky for shoreline fishermen who went from flat piers to uneven rocky areas to get the fish.

Trout numbers seemed to decline recently inside the main Kenosha Harbor, signalling to veteran anglers the larger concentrations are migrating back to the main lake area from their winter sanctuaries.

Shoreline fishermen are hoping for fair and calm weather conditions that will attract baitfish to the shoreline, and ultimately the coho salmon will follow. The trout do return to the shoreline, but the timing is different every year — usually in July.

Shoreline pan-fishermen not worried about size or numbers are finding a successful overall bite.

When you arrive to an area of water with a history of producing panfish, scan the water for fish movement. When you place your bait, and you have no sightings of fish following the bait, move on to Plan B or C.

Fish are curious and surprisingly aggressive. If you do not get any hits in a few minutes of fishing, it’s a good idea to move to your next planned spot.

Fishermen should find the action picking up with each passing week. I will be rolling down the county roads this week, hunting for any fish that will bite at Silver Lake, Camp Lake, Powers Lake, Upper Twin Lakes and also the shorelines along the Fox Rive

Go over all of your open-water fishing gear to be ready for your next outing and the state-wide fishing opener May 5.

Mid-April is generally a good time to try for walleye on the Mississippi, Wisconsin, Rock and Wolf Rivers. Water temperatures are starting to warm. Use live minnows to attract walleye or sauger to bite.

As the calendar rolls on, night-time air temperatures will be above the freezing mark. Many walleye feed during the evening hours and this will make for much more comfortable fishing conditions.

 The near-shore water clarity started to clear at Lake Michigan at the end of last week despite the heavy northeast winds. This triggered some action from brown and rainbow trout for diehard anglers.

After the recent storm, I’m speculating it will take a couple days this week for the near-shore waters to clear. Our local near-shoreline water temperatures are starting reach the magic 50 degree mark, which the coho salmon prefer.

Hopefully, weather conditions will improve quickly. I’m frustrated that the coho salmon will pass up the Kenosha Shoreline if calm water conditions do not prevail soon.

Keep trying for the trout in the main Kenosha Harbor, casting spoons and tube jigs, and soaking spawn or live minnow for bait.

Good luck, and take a kid fishing.

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