Outdoor sports are great extra-curricular activities to fill your spare time that boost your individuality as well as your happiness.  People can choose different sports according to their personalities.

Many old and wise people associate fishing with health and happiness. If you think about fishing in prehistoric times, it was one of few ways for human beings to survive.

The serenity and calmness that you feel while sitting on the bank of the river catching fish makes you forget even the most complex problems and worries!

In this modern technological world when everything is available at a single touch on your mobile, people still go to fishing.

Here is a list of 8 reasons that prove that fishing is the best outdoor activity there is:

1. Stress Relief

A wide range of people go to fishing, and if you ask different people why it is their favorite hobby, they will answer that fishing gives them relief from stress, and they feel free. “Freedom” is what you experience when you go fishing. When you go fishing to a stream or to a pond, you experience and see an environment that is entirely different from your ordinary life. You appreciate and enjoy this new environment. If you interact with nature, you become a part of it, and this makes you forget all the worries of the world.

2. Social Bonding

Another important thing that you can achieve by going fishing is that you can build strong relationships with your friends. In our ordinary environment in which we live, even if we give some time to our loved ones, we are constantly frustrated by the background noises and the tensions caused by different issues. On the other hand, if we go to some place quiet with our friends or family members, we can be at peace with one another by listening to the most inner voices of one another.

3. Health Benefits

Our routine lives are so mechanized that we sit all day in our offices or at our homes without ever realizing how disastrous that is for us. Another dilemma of the modern age is that more than 50% of people are overweight and one reason is because people sit all day long. If we go fishing, we become active and feel encouraged. Fishing promotes a healthier way of life.

4. Recreation

Fishing is a recreation where and even the worst day, when you catch no fish at all, is better than the time spent at home doing chores. Many people comment that the pleasure of fishing lies in the activity itself, not in how many fish are caught. Pinning insects in your hooks, putting them in water for hours and waiting, and then finally catching a fish are truly spectacular feelings.

5. Self-Fulfillment

Fishing also gives you the pleasure of self-fulfillment. When you go to fishing, you respect your outdoor environment, you learn skills, you learn to be patient, and above all, you set a goal for yourself and you try to achieve that goal, and all these activities give you a sense of fulfillment.

6. Fishing for Food

In our days we can get food in an instant, but the healthiest and most natural food that nature offers us is waiting for us in a stream, in fact, most people prefer fresh meat rather than buying preserved meat in a can. Wild fish is rich in protein and contains little cholesterol, making it a favorite food for many.

7. The Thrill and Challenge

Most people love fishing because of the thrill and the challenge involved. It really is a thrill sitting in a boat with the anticipation of of a fish snagging your lure. The biggest challenge lie in the methods you use to catch fish, and not all are guaranteed success, which is why so many people learn from these challenges.

8. Paying Tribute to Nature

When we go fishing, we pay tribute to nature and and show our thankfulness for the things that nature has given us, and such precious things are worth living for.

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