Monster Crappie Hot Spot

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Lake Petenwell Wisconsin is one lake that holds record sized Black Crappies, if crappie fishing is your thing.

Not to long ago, my brother and I made a trip to Friendship Wisconsin to visit some people we knew and some relatives, as my father was born there.

While we were there we decided to try our luck trolling for walleye. We rented a 16 Ft. row boat with a 10 H.P. Merc outboard motor and started trolling with deep running # 9 jointed rapalas.   It wasn’t ten minutes we had our first hit. Man alive, we thought we were into a school of walleye. My brother played the fish a while, as we were using ultra-light rods with 6 LB test line. Into the net it went!

With much to our surprise it was a gigantic black crappie looking to be around 18 inches long. We were screaming at the size of it. So we just had to measure it. Good Lord, it was a fat 19 inch Black Crappie. We rushed to get our lines back in the water and continued to troll. In the next hour or so we bagged 12 more giant crappies, ranging from about 16 to 19 inches long. We keep the biggest 19 inch monster. When we got home to house in Clarendon Hills Illinois, I called  my  buddy who was a taxidermist.  He took the fish and  mounted it.

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