Need New Tires On Your Boat Trailer?

A fishing buddy of mine once asked me about my trailer tires. He said mine never seems to be worn out.
They seem to either dry rot or just one day come apart on the high way…..

The #1 cause tire pressure and not when your using the trailer . It more likely in the winter when temps drop low tires shrink when they are under inflated . Don’t worry cant get any bigger when they are over inflated just have to adjust pressure before you hit the road.
So this means the tire shrinks over the winter then spring comes tire expands and cracks deep in the tread where its hard to see . You might not notice the cracks down in the treads. This can be avoided by keeping the tire full to max air pressure all winter long .
in many cases double the life of the trailer tires .

The #2 cause of trailer tires going bad uneven tread wear
This most often caused by tires not being properly balanced or overloaded always pay attention to the load rating on tires just because they are the rite size does not mean they are the rite load rating
go with the heaviest load rating in the size you need usually this will be load range “E”
Poorly or not balanced at all tires can cause a host of other problems some as minor as light bulbs keep burning out on trailer. To things more serious as fender coming loose and cracking license plate brackets breaking off . To things as serious as wheel bearing failing tires coming loose .
On your car it hard not to notice a out of balance tire . unless you riding in the boat on the trailer you likely will not notice the vibration no matter how out of balance they are .The last thing you want to see is a tire come off on the highway . if your lucky it just going to rattle things apart inside the boat .

Want your trailer tires to last longer ?

#1. Keep your tires inflated yes even in the winter months when you not using the boat.
#2. Make sure you have the rite load rated tire and that the installer uses a dynamic wheel balance machine . NOT A BUBBLE BA LANCER or worse yet no balance at all.
So in case your wondering if your trailer tires are balanced? I have never seen any tire that was balanced that did not have tire weights attached to the rim. If they are not there likely tire is not balanced .
The moral of this story is never depend on something you don’t know enough about…..