Planer Board for Spring Coho Setups

On the planer boards, for spring coho, we had our best luck running:

  1. Red 00 dodger & Blue/Copper Coho Candy fly (30.6% of all planer board action)
  2. Red 00 dodger & Two-Tone Coho Candy fly
  3. Red 00 dodger & Blue/Green/Gold Coho Candy fly
  4. Red 00 dodger & Black Ice Coho Candy fly or Black/Mirage Gladys Kravitz fly
  5. Orange Mini SpinDoctor & Blue/Gold Coho Candy fly

The Blue/Copper Coho Candy, which was a new pattern for Sigg’s Rigs last year, continued as #1, but the new Two-Tone pattern was a close 2nd.  I had been using a version of the Two-Tone that I got from the Harbor House in Waukegan, which was ½ tinsel and ½ hair.  I asked Matt to tie up a version that was all tinsel and it performed very well for me.  In addition, I finally figured out a way to make the mini SpinDoctors work for me.  I have not been able to catch anything on them for several years.  This year, I stripped the cracked-ice tape off of them and, suddenly, they started to work for me.

While the downriggers were still the most successful delivery method, they did not dominate like in years past.  Last year, 39% of all the action on the boat was on downriggers; this year it was about 28%.  Our hottest baits on the downriggers were:

  1. Fishlander “Hey Baby” on an SWR (40.9% of all hits on downriggers
  2. “Blue Bubble” SpinDoctor & “Blue Mist” Sigg’s Rigs Trophy fly
  3. Silver Streak magnum “Hot Lobster”
  4. (tie)  Smoke 0 dodger & “BlueGreen Hypnotist” Trophy fly
  5. (tie)  Silver Streak “Blackfin Tuna” in both regular and magnum sizes

The “Hey Baby” spoon continues to be one of the hottest baits I own.  It beat out the #2 downrigger bait by more than a 3:1 ratio.  However, for the first time in many years, it was NOT the hottest bait on the boat (see the dipsy diver section below).