Salmon Snaggers ((Let Them Spawn))

Image result for snagging for fish pics“It is only the inexperienced and thoughtless who find pleasure in killing fish for

the mere sake of killing them. No sportsman does this.”- W.C.Prime, 1888

Here is an article I found written some time back….. I feel the same way about this mindless activity!

“Every October and November, a strange and gruesome spectacle takes place along the banks of the boat channel in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Whether I’m riding into work via bike or car I can’t help but ogle the armies of bundled-up men “snagging” for salmon. Snagging is a brutal (but legal) form of fishing, whereby the fisherman hoists a massive, weighted treble hook into the water and “rips” it back and forth trying to gaff a bewildered fish. From my car, it looks like the men are dragging for dead bodies. Why is this vulgar form of fishing legal?”

A sizable portion of Lake Michigan’s salmon is stocked by the DNR. Yet, these creatures are wired to swim upstream in the fall to spawn. Having no river to come home to, the fish choose the man-made channel instead. Only a half-mile long and a few feet deep, the waterway is a deathtrap. Even if eggs were produced, once dropped, the fish dies. Therefore, the city allows people to snag salmon until the run is over. The problem is that many salmon are snagged before they have dropped their eggs, therefore killing any chance of spawning! Some of you greedy snaggers say that spawning salmon are going to die anyway.

THAT IS TRUE…..Just remember, the spawn also dies with the fish!

This is where the rub lies. We need to preserve our future crop of salmon so we can enjoy the fight and natural beauty of a strong salmon run. Plus it makes the fish very line shy and less likely to actually bite.

I don’t want any part of the mindless act of snagging! I feel it should be banned everywhere Salmon and Trout spawn in the U.S.A.

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