Smallmouth Bass

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Common names: black Bass, bronzeback, brown bass, green bass, smallie, smallmouth black bass, white or mountain trout…..

The incredible smallmouth bass is said to be the strongest, wildest fighting fish for its size in warm fresh water! No other fish can match the aerial acrobatics displayed by a battling smallmouth.

The smallmouth bass is closely related to the largemouth bass, yet the species differ in many ways. One is its appearance. The best way to tell the difference is to look at the dorsal fins. The smallmouth’s dorsal fin is one fin, whereas the largemouth’s is divided into a front dorsal and a rear dorsal. Often called the bronzeback, the smallmouth has a copper, dark brown, or olive-green sides with darker vertical bars.

Unlike largemouths the smallmouth bass prefer cooler ,clearer containing rocks, drop-offs, and shoals. Smallies can reach weights in excess of 10 pounds, but the norm is about 1-3 pounds.

Most largemouth tactics work for smallmouths, although they are usually in deeper cooler  water. Since smallmouths are aggressive, they will strike crank baits and most deep diving plugs. One thing for sure, pound for pound, bronze backs will give you all the fight that you’re looking for!

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