Smallmouth (Sturgeon Bay Wis.)

If there is one place you should never miss if you like easy to catch, non-stop action for 2-7 lb Smallmouth Bass (who doesn’t) it has to be Sturgeon Bay, Door County Wisconsin in the month of May!

Similar to largemouth bass, smallmouth bass males build the nests and provide all the parental care. Spawning begins in May when water temperatures are above 55°F. Nests are built in shallower waters and are constructed in gravel, coarse sand, or rock bottom. Males attract a female and herd her over the nest to spawn. The female will tip her body to deposit a few egg while the male releases a small amount of sperm, fertilizing the eggs. The eggs fall into the nest and are sticky so that they attached to the substrate in the nest. Once spawning has ended, the female leaves the area; the male is left to provide all of the parental care, which includes fanning the developing eggs to provide oxygen and enthusiastically defending the area to keep predators away. Eggs usually hatch in 2–4 days and the larvae remain in the nest for about 5–10 more days (depending on temperature). Smallmouth fry will become free swimming, but school above the nest with the male continuing his vigilant care.

“STURGEON BAY IN THE MONTH OF MAY”  Sounds like the title of a song!

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Some day when the fisher of men calls your number, consider yourself  fortunate if you’re granted your last wish to fish just one more time.  And if and when the opportunity presents itself, you just might want to make that last cast in the waters off the Door County Peninsula in northeastern Wisconsin. As more than one Great Lakes Smallmouth Bass fisherman has commented, the Door County fishery can make you feel as if you have gone to fishing heaven.

As fisherman we know that smallmouth bass might be the toughest freshwater fish pound-for-pound that there is,  and they’re extremely plentiful up  in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.

Action starts in May when the bronzebacks move shallow to spawn, and the fishing doesn’t slow down until ice-up. You’ll  run into some 6 or 7 pounders here, and you will find hoards of 2s and 3s and 4s.   This is non-stop fun!

There is no need to ever use live bait for the smallmouth up there.  Casting artificial plastic baits like tubes and grubs, crankbaits like rapalas or smithwicks, and spinnerbaits or swimbaits. The fish are angry as hell, and hit like a ton of bricks. Talk about action!

Thanks for Looking….Good Luck!

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