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Big Green Lake, Wisconsin produces many trophies and holds the WI state record Lake Trout for inland waters. There simply are no other bodies of water in Wisconsin like Big Green. Even its origin is different than most lakes which results in it’s 200-foot plus depth with oxygen clear to the bottom. This means lake…

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It might be my imagination but the warnings about eating large Lake Trout because of PCB contamination are what throw me off as far as targeting Lake Trout for food. I know they are kind of sporty when jigged up from shallow water on lighter rods and line but I would rather catch and eat…

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Lake Trout (Burns Ditch Indiana)

 Spring and Fall are prime times to troll spoons and plugs on long lines (75 to 100 feet) Always remember to check the water temperature. Lakers prefer 43-56 degree water and will generally be somewhere within that range. Lakers are lazy fish, so troll slowly. When marking fish, change trolling speed and direction often ,…

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