The Unpredictable Musky

The biggest thing I have learned over my past sixty years fishing for Musky is that they are the most unpredictable game fish swimming on planet Earth!

Just when I thought  I had them figured out and using the right setups is when something happened that made me sick to my oversized belly!

It happened Up in Lake of the Woods Minn. about 20 years ago.  I was working a Bobbie Bait….A trophy sized musky jumped next to my boat about three feet in the air to grab the lure….The beast was hooked! But, as I said, something happened to allow the powerful beast to escape! My heavy duty snap swivel opened up and my mount went by-by!

Another weird thing happened that really made me pissed to high heavens:

I bought a new surface lure with about a 4″ wire attached to the nose…..while on the same trip talked about above, there was a weed bed about thirty or so yards from my boat, with a small opening in the middle of the bed.

I cast the lure right in the middle. A musky that looked about 6 feet long jumped about 4 feet in the air and gobbled my surface lure. It was hooked for sure, but guess what?  The wire on the head of the lure cracked and broke off losing the fish and the lure in it’s mouth in about three seconds…. Christ! There went the musky of a lifetime back down in the weed bed.

That one that got away really sent me into a cold sweat and made me think. What the hell is next!

This weird event also happened fishing on Long Lake in Phillips Wisconsin one year: I was using one of my custom made Musky straight line spinners ( like the ones i’m selling on Ebay) and wouldn’t you it, I hooked a gigantic trophy sized beast about 55 inches long using a figure eight and played it to the side of mu boat.

Just  when we were ready to net the fish of a lifetime, it dove under our boat and boiled and circled and rolled and cut the stupid plastic leader in its gill plate….GOOD BY! I almost jumped in the water after it! It was the hardest lesson I have ever learned!  Never use anything but a heavy wire leader about 12″ to 16″ long with a havey cross snap connection and ball berring swivel to the line. To this day I use at least a 16″ 150 Lb seven stran leader with matching weight connectors.

All these mishaps were my fault, using the incorrect terminal tackle and a lure I should have never bought in the 1st place.

I bet most of you old time musky hunters have had similiar things happen to you….It makes you a real believer in MURPHYS LAW! What can happen, will happen!

Thanks for Looking…..Good Luck!

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