If A Musky Could Think!



I wonder who really has the advantage, you or the Musky? To hear some want-to-be Musky Hunters, you would think that the elusive critter can actually think!

Someone once said: “If they are dumb enough to eat off a hook, how can fish be considered “brain food?”

Every living organism that lives on this earth has an ability to adapt to what ever is necessary to survive…..or better said it is called: Instinct or innate behavior and the inherent inclination  toward a particular complex behavior.  The simplest example of an instinctive behavior is a fixed action pattern, in which a very short to medium length sequence of actions, without variation, are carried out in response to a clearly defined stimulus.

There are only two instinctive behaviors that relate to all fish, including the elusive Musky…..They are: Food and Shelter!

Muskies have become so sought after that they have actually adapted to the overbearing fishing pressure that has happened over the past hundred years. This unrelenting human activity has upset their eating habits and the shelters  that they have enjoyed in the past. This activity has also caused the Musky population to deplete ….. I can even tell the difference from when I  first started fishing for Musky. Back in the day, there was a whole lot more action, including more follows, more strikes and most important: More and bigger Muskies!  Today is a different bag of worms…..I have actually seen some ass-holes keeping undersized Muskies, others stringing them up with Walleyes to be eaten. I know of a dunce that had a 8 Lb 29 inch Musky mounted! When I asked the fool why he mounted the fish, his reply was: “It was my first Musky!”  I told this nut bag, it was not legal to keep an undersized Musky, let alone have the baby mounted. His response was: “Who in the hell cares, and what’s it to you?” I got red in the face, called him an asshole, and walked away!

There is no shortage of articles written about trolling for Muskies. Their are  gobs written about the use of planer boards, leadcore, downriggers and flat lines. Just Google ‘trolling for Musky’ on the web, and you will see for yourself.  The how is probably not as important as the where when we talk about trolling for Musky…..Lake St. Clair is my first choice, although there are some super lakes up north in Wisconsin,  Minnesota, and  in Canada that allow motor trolling for Musky.

The myth that motor trolling for Muskies is hurting the Musky population is stupid and wrong! The idea that it is too easy a method to catch a Musky is total “BULL SHIT!”

If there is one thing I learned about how to catch a Musky, it’s this:  There is no one method that can be used to catch Muskies consistently, and anyone that says there is, is full of it! I don’t just make a statement like that without some proof ! Over my many years fishing for the primadonnas,  I have used every method known to the human race to capture a trophy large enough to mount! (30 lbs +)   It doesn’t take a mental giant to know that you can cover more water, with more rods,  much easier by trolling. However, that is where any advantage ends!  Musky hunters that cast can use some tricks that trollers can’t. They can cast where the big girls hang out, like drop offs next to weed beds, or openings  and pockets in a large weed bed. They can use figure eights, or change quickly to another rod with a different lure. Casters can work shorelines, small bays, inlets, shallower fish holding boulders and rock bars etc. How about those stumpy areas? Try trolling those areas, which account for most of the legals caught every year.

Many of your better Musky lakes have banned motor trolling anyway, and the ones that are left are  far and few between! Open water trolling is only effective on some lakes, and certainly not enough  to bother anyone!

The authorities should spend  more of their time worrying  about SUCKER FISHERMAN and poachers!  They probably kill more small Muskies than all the motor trollers combined.

 There should  also be more attention given towards the polluters and  the boaters that use our great Musky lakes for their play grounds. I’m talking about the nut jobs that disrupt the natural habitat with their jet skies, water skiing and speed boating!

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