One of very few places in the world that you can catch Tuna and Mako shark year around.

Here’s the deal down there: Venice is the furthest south you can go down the Mississippi delta (70 miles south of new Orleans). From there its another 26-30 miles just to get out of the river then to the tuna. It’s 6-50 miles more each way.

Your best chance for big tuna (100+) is in the winter, but winter is also the worse time of year weather wise. Summer weather is much nicer, but HOT. Lots of marlin and sword fish are also caught in the summer. Mako is also a big time sport fish.

What makes the fall so appealing, is the river slows and the blue water comes in really close to the mouth as close as 4 miles. This coupled with the shrimp boats lay the road for epic fishing. Basically you pull up to a shrimp boat and they throw a huge amount of catch onto your deck then you start to throw over arm loads of it into the water and start to pull away from the shrimp boat bringing the fish with you and get a line in the water with a chunk of something and HOLD ON!!. Hardest part is not catching the other fish and getting the fish to the boat before the sharks take it, the charters are long and many end early because the clients can’t take anymore abuse. you are looking at a hour minimum to get in a big Yellow.

Aside from the tuna & mako the red snapper down there is very plentiful and weight 10 to 20lbs. lots of amberjack that will rip your arm off and just a crazy amount of other stuff. the rigs you latterly tie a rope to and start fishing. I think there are over 3000 rigs in LA waters.

The charters down there are expensive but when you factor in what you get its not horrible. the boat is around $1,500 plus $300 to $700 in fuel then tip. I would expect to pay $2400+. These are long charters. 10+ hours. they bust their butt all day. The boats are not cheap and all mostly center consoles all the way up to $350,000. The cruise speed on most of the center consoles is 45+mph. You sit on bean bags on the floor on the ride out. lets say you end up with 4 80lb fish. I think they yield about 75% so you will have 240lbs of meat. Costs $1 a lb to vac pack it and freeze (optional but well worth it). so all in you are say $2,640. Tuna costs like $22 a lb in the store. that’s $5280 retail value. on top of that the fish is fresher because it is frozen solid the day to catch it not sitting in fish market for days then frozen.

Mostly because it is so far to get to and really nothing to do with there but fish is why its not are busy as it could be. Down there most everyone has twins triples or quads. You are way offshore away from any towboat so a extra motor is a must. Also in the winter fog is really thick so radar also a must and you have to have a range of at least 200 miles and closer to 300 would be best. (1/3rd rule of offshore. 1/3 tank out, 1/3 back and 1/3 reserve) if you go out one of the main passes its not bad but going down the smaller ones its really tough as they are poorly if at all marked. Lots of boats run aground. The people down there are some of the nicest people you will meet. you can hire a guide to take you out for $500 on your boat.

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