Walleyes & Weeds

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Over the years most fishing sport authors, fisherman or not, perpetuate the notion that all walleyes live in deep water on the rocks. Truth is, that’s not the case!

Yes, some walleye groups do make seasonal use of deep water. However, it has been known for some time now that weeds play a far more important part in the walleye’s lifestyle in natural lakes than most walleye hunters believe.

Some died-in-the-wool “structure” guys might want to argue that point, but over the years I’ve fished enough natural lakes to agree. Some might even say that walleyes caught in the shallows are either accidental stragglers or part of a shallow feeding movement population that lives in the weeds all summer long. The key is determining when and where this situation occurs.

Some heavily fished classic walleye lakes host sizable weed walleye populations(especially some heavily pressured metro lakes) If the lake is fished heavily by knowing walleye experts, the beautiful deep water rocky points and sunken islands won’t hold the numbers of eye’s you think they do, mostly because of all the publicity and articles written about deep water walleye fishing and all the techniques like the original Lindy rig, live bait/slip sinker systems. It’s no wonder,  after many years of using all these known ways to catch walleyes,  the so called deep water hot spots are generally fished down to a low level.  In fact, the strongest most untapped walleye population live full-time in the weeds. Why not! Weeds provide plenty of food, oxygen and cover.

Would you believe that most folks don’t even fish for walleye’s in weeds. Sure they fish the edges of weed beds at times, and might even troll over them as well.  They have been so brainwashed into always looking for rocks and deep water drop offs, chances are they will  continue to miss out on some of the best walleye fishing of their lives.

We think of many natural lakes that are ignored, or the lakes you have fished that you think are fished out! Do yourself a big favor, go again and find some heavy weeds like coontail or cabbage weeds and fish right in thick of them. You may just go home with some good tasting eyes and surprise the hell out of your wife!

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